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    Another issue I would like to share with you, you might remember that we were pushing the team to launch the system as soon as possible. Unfortunately it was not a success. This team is very disciplined and consistent. You cannot deviate them from the plan in hand. The answer I got is that registrations will resume on 06-08-2018. That is Sunday next week. PHing process will start on 11-08-2018. This day is Sergey Mavrodi's Birthday. Therefore, we celebrate Mavrodi's birthday by the full launch of MMM Global. The plan is like that. Percentage is 50% for first PH, 30% for second, 3rd, fourth... time PH (not yet fully confirmed) . 10% referral bonus. Guiders bunuses 5%, 3%, 1%, 0.05 and so on. Minimum and maximum for PH and GH will be revealed two 2 days before registrations. I apologise for any inconvenience caused. The wait is too long but we are now closer to it. Please, exercise a little bit of patience. You are my hope for the MMM Global success in South Africa, Nigeria and beyond.

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