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Official News The real situation with mmmglobalmavro.com

Discussion in 'MMM Global - English' started by Indy, Mar 6, 2019.

  1. Indy

    Indy Administrator

    Hello, friends!

    I'm Indy from https://mmmglobal.world, I'm sure most of you know me.
    All the participants and guiders of mmmglobalmavro.com have a very hard situation with the closure of this MMM copycat, and I want to tell you and talk with you about that.

    T-Man was a good guider before he left MMM Global.World and joined globalmmm.club, that was closed in 2 weeks after his leaving from mmmglobal.world. You can read about that here
    Ater that he joined mmmglobalmavro.com, and now participants of this project have a very hard situation with the closure of this MMM copycat promised to work for a long, long time, but worked just 2 months and disappeared after that like a common pseudo-MMM scam.

    To be precise, mmmglobalmavro.com was launched January 7 (07.01.2019) and closed March 4 (04.03.2019), lasting less than 2 months...

    If it were just a ddos-attack on mmmglobalmavro.com, then programmers would have quickly restored the project from backup. At least the main webpage. But we can see that the owners have come up with a "good" explanation for the closure: according to their words, "everything was hacked and crushed all database by hackers". You hear similar explanations every time a regular pseudo-MMM is closed after 2 months of work, don't you?!

    In every News release we warned you that you should not participate in ANY copycats if you do not want to lose your investments. All pseudo-MMM projects are created by scammers, whose goal is a classic scheme - to collect all the investment of participants and disappear after that. And this is EXACTLY the situation with mmmglobalmavro.com we warned about!
    We notified you about mmmglobalmavro.com at the video news by the official Mavro News Channel (MNC) release:

    Remember, https://mmmglobal.world is THE ONLY official successor of the MMM legacy. It was launched on October, 6 and today is 5 months from the start!

    T-Man could not refuse a big bribe and increased bonuses, which were offered to him individually on the fraudulent mmmglobalmavro.com and he betrayed the MMM ideologies for the temporary gain. Well, each of us makes his own choice, but the wrong choice can have a dramatic effect on the future ..
    We recommend you to log out from his skype and telegram groups and do not have any business with him anymore..

    I understand that almost all other guiders of mmmglobalmavro.com were just ordinary guiders, who turned out to be just the same victims of the project owners, a hostage of circumstances, like all the other participants in mmmglobalmavro.com
    Now we are ready to accept back ALL the mmmglobalmavro.com participants and guiders as well as participants and guiders from any other projects. There will be no persecutions. I give you my word of honor. There will be a general amnesty.

    Please, inform all guiders and participants of all MMM copycats about that news. We want to unite all MMM-members around the world on a single place. Let's make charity and love, not war!

    I know some of you followed T-Man because of some great features of mmmglobalmavro.com. Now, to make the https://mmmglobal.world the most attractive place for all of us, we want to hear from you all your ideas and suggestions for MMM Global.World improvement.
    We will take your ideas very seriously and take steps to create the best System for all guiders and participants of MMM from all around the world. Please, fill the form:

    A brief summary on https://mmmglobal.world :
    The MMM Global.World was developed from scratch in April 2018. There is a new and unique script operated by Artificial Intelligence, which is Automated, Well planned, Well calculated, Well differential.
    Registration process was launched on October 6 and PHing started on October 28, 2018.
    It is very simple to Provide Help (PH) and Get Help (GH).
    30% or 15% or 10% Monthly, carefully designed for stability and durability of the system. Choose according to your preference.

    If you have any questions or need a good guider, write me or ask a guider contact and referral link in MMM Global World telegram group: https://t.me/mmmglobal_official

    https://mmmglobal.world is rock stable right now more than ever, 5 months of successful work have already proved that, and it will be this way forever.
    Let's make our System the most comfortable place for all of us, Mavrodians!
    Together we are the power!
    We are changing the world and we will change it!
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  2. Luckyreza

    Luckyreza New Member

    Love MMM, long live MMM

    Lets go back to the straight path
  3. Dediy

    Dediy Moderator

    Great news. Lets Rock and Roll PH and GH, lets unite, make love not war, i like it,, Long Live MMM Global World..
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 7, 2019
  4. Indy

    Indy Administrator

  5. Heinz

    Heinz Moderator

  6. Franco Nero

    Franco Nero New Member

    Good News...
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