The situation with the final PH-orders in MMM Thailand

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    MiB Thailand (Bitcoin-direction in the Thai MMM branch) has launched 27 August 2016. Up until 18 November there was absolutely no problem with the input-output of funds (Provide Help and Getting Help orders). Every participant who Provided Help in this time range (from 27 August to 18 November, 2 months and 23 days) has no problem with getting PH-orders and still can withdraw funds at any time. Orders on GH-requests created instantly and the Thai branch don't have any problem with withdrawal of funds.


    All the complexity of the current situation is the next.
    Almost all participants who Provided Help after 18 November have not received final PH-orders. And here there is question. Today January 18 - 2 months passed by already, final orders still have not been created. About 90% of the amount of all the PH-requests, created after January 18, were requested. In facts, right now MMM Thailand only works for the participants, who Provided Help during the first 2 months and 23 days after the start of the branch, and the rest members paid for that 90% of the deposit.

    Since the New Year we watched and waited for the final PH-orders will be formed for the deposits after 18 November. After the first week of the New Year, we thought that this is because of holidays, but it's been almost 3 weeks passed by and still nothing happens.

    What is MMM? The bottom line - a Personal Office, through which participants Provide and Get Help. There is an automatic Dispatcher that matches participants and make them PH- and GH-orders. Dispatcher runs on a specific algorithm which defines the administration. Depending on certain factors, it decides to create a final order or not. One of these factors is the input-output statistics. If the income exceeds the output, then the next factor is taken .. etc. If all factors are positive, participants get the final PH-order.

    For example, a participant created a GH-request for 10,000 Mavro. Dispatcher immediately analyzes the situation by the algorithm and makes a decision - to create a PH-orders for older participants, giving them final PH-orders, or create PH-orders for new participants.
    Right now all the PH-orders in MMM Thailand created only for new participants. Dispatcher does not creates the final orders for the "old participants" who made PH-requests right after 18 November. Why - it is a mystery. One of the simplest explanation may be that .. if the final order would created for the "old participants", they will in turn request the withdrawal of funds (GH) and create an instant chain reaction - the rest of the participants will also get the finishing order. A jam may occur immediately with a lack of inflow of funds in the system.
    Therefore, the dispatcher continues to take money only from the new participants, thereby exacerbating the situation.
    After all, right here and now there are many participants with money that are ready to Provide Help, but they do not, because see that all participants who created the deposit (PH) after November 18, the System does not allow to confirm the PH-requests and make GH-requests accordingly.
    It looks like we have input-output in the MMM Thailand, but in fact paid only to those who managed to Provide Help in a certain range of time. All payments in the Thai MMM branch, which you can watch on any of the screenshots, it's payments to the participants, who created the PH-requests until November 18.

    As far as we see, a reasonable way out of this situation would be to create a final orders day by day. For example, today to create final orders to participants who made PH-requests on 19 November. Tomorrow - 20 November, etc.
    Participants who are now sitting with money and are in doubt, would see that the requests successfully confirmates day by day and begin to PH in their turn.

    There is some information about the individual final orders at the PH-request of 19 November.


    But this is the more exception rather than the rule.

    My friends! We are looking forward and hope that this situation will be solved as soon as possible and all the "old participants" will get final PH-orders.
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    I hope CRO will solve this situation . Long Live MMM
  3. andi

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    i hope fix the situation.. i wait more 2 month
  4. MMM Global Support Team

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    Don't worry my friends. There is some good news today!

    In MMM-Thailand there is NEW WAVE of PH-GH in 50% Mavro!
    New PH dispatched 100% in Few days and GH is instant!
    Some port from that PH and some part from New Republic of Bitcoin goes to old hanged PH-GH!
    So be patient and wait old dispatching and take some part in NEW Wave if you want!
    All Smooth! Long Live MMM!

    @ administration
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    Dear CRO,

    Please solution MMM Thailand Final PH order
  6. andi

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    please announce news info paid or restart?
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