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    The WebRTC plugin (which means Web Real-Time Communication) allows to conduct audio and video teleconferencing just in a browser without any additional software installed. However, it reveals the true IP address of a user. The following steps help disable WebRTC in browsers.

    Disable WebRTC in Mozilla Firefox

    Firefox has the easiest and most proper procedure to disable WebRTC on the browser level. We recommend using this browser if this is a matter of importance for you. Type about:config in the address bar, and you will see the list of parameters:


    Find the parameter media.peerconnection.enabled . A search function will help you with this – just copy and paste this parameter into the search field. This option should be set as false.

    Disable WebRTC in Google Chrome

    You can install the WebRTC Leak prevent extension.

    Disable WebRTC in Yandex browser and Opera

    Both these browsers support the WebRTC Control extension which can block WebRTC leaks.

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