What is the difference between VPN and private Proxy?

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    There are many paid VPN-services, one of the most popular is hidemyass.com. HMA uses shared dinamic IP addresses (in four octet xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx the last one changes every time you connect to VPN).
    VPN Pros:
    1. You are given IP for most countries of the world and you can easily switch between them. So you can use one VPN service (such as HMA) for all MMM branches.
    2. Your IP is replaced not only in the browser, but in all the programs that surf the Internet (Skype, Email clients, etc.).

    When using the private Proxy, you get a unique static IP for participation in one MMM branch (like the international branch MMM-LA Global). Also private proxy is cheaper than any VPN service.
    Private Proxy pros:
    1. You get an unique and static IP. This address does not change in any way, and no one in the world (except you) use it.
    2. The cost is $7 per month, that one and a half times less than the VPN (more than $11 per month). Only when you pay for the several years in advance, the price of VPN becomes comparable to our private proxy.
    3. Our technical support at the Forum and on Skype!

    Our recommendations:
    - If you plan to contribute to MMM less than $ 1,000 and/or participate in different MMM branches at the same time, the best choice is to buy VPN-service.
    - If you plan to participate in only one MMM branch (f.ex. MMM-LA Global) and contribute more than $ 1,000, then choose a Private Proxy.

    To purchase a private proxy, create a ticket to the department of the country you want to participate in (f.ex. MMM-LA Global Support Team).
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